CBS officially canceled CSI: Cyber Season 3

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of CSI: Cyber Season 3 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. Unfortunately, CBS has officially canceled the series. There will be no Season 3.

Basic info and cast

CSI: Cyber is a recent American action, crime and police procedural TV series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television, among others, for CBS. Created by Anthony, E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn and Ann Donahue, this is the second spin-off of the hit CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise. Season 1 has gained a steady following since its premiere on CBS on March 4, 2015.

Inspired by producer Mary Aiken’s previous work as a cyber-psychologist, CSI: Cyber stars Patricia Arquette as Avery Ryan, FBI Deputy Director and former Special Agent. A renowned psychologist in New York, Avery is also the founder of the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division, which she founded after her patient database was hacked, which resulted in the death of one the patients. The series follows the department as they investigate cyber crimes in North America. The series is filmed primarily at the CBS studios, while outdoor scenes are shot locally on various streets in Los Angeles.

Season 2 of CSI: Cyber returned to CBS on October 4, 2015 and is slated to air a full 22 episode season. On the heels of a successful first season that averaged over 8 million viewers per episode, the premiere of season 2 drew in a much more modest 6 million viewers. While this is a significant drop of nearly 25%, it’s still too early to tell whether the network will pick up the show for another a third season. If the ratings remain steady, CBS may well think it worthy to renew CSI: Cyber for season 3.

Latest news

UPDATED December 22, 2015: The mid-season finale of CBS’s sophomore drama series CSI: Cyber was aired on December 13, 2015. The show is on the holiday break at the moment and will be back with the remaining episodes on Sunday, January 10, 2016. With a significant drop in the ratings, it is possible that this will be the final run. Check back with us for the latest developments.

UPDATED May 14, 2016: Yet another CSI spin-off bites the dust. The CBS network has just officially cancelled their crime drama television show CSI: Cyber after just two seasons. An 18-part second installment of the series concluded in the US two months ago and has attracted an average audience of 6.2 million, which meant a significant 24% decline when compared to last year’s performance. With the original series having ended in February of 2015, CSI: Cyber was the last remaining part of the franchise, until now.

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