BBC Two has officially renewed The Last Kingdom for season 2

The release date for The Last Kingdom season 2 — Pending

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of The Last Kingdom season 2 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. BBC Two has officially renewed the series for another season. To get notified of the premiere date – subscribe for updates below.

Storyline and cast

The Last Kingdom is a new British historical drama television series based on Bernard Cornwell historical book series The Saxon Stories and set in IX and X century Britain. Produced by Carnival Film and Television for BBC, it premiered on BBC America on October 10, 2015, soon followed by the debut in the UK on BBC Two on October 22, 2015.

The conflict between the Saxons and the Danes is at the heart of the plot, a conflict that is firmly rooted in British history, not a figment of the creators` imagination. The inevitable comparison of The Last Kingdom to The Game of Thrones, the latter being pure fantasy behind a historical mask, makes it apparent that history can be every bit as breathtaking and engaging as fantasy. The TV series protagonist, Uhred (Alexander Dreymon) is an orphan from a noble Saxon family kidnapped and brought up by the Danes as one of them. After growing up to become a strong warrior and following the murder of his adoptive family by a Saxon he`s faced with a predictable dilemma – self-identification. Is he a Saxon or a Dane? There are ties to both sides, but the circumstances are such that a decision of some sort eventually needs to be made. The Last Kingdom avoids tagging the sides of the conflict as “good” and “bad”, reminding the viewers that history (and life in general) is more intricate than a simple dichotomy.

The historical drama show has been well received by both the critics and the viewers. Many note the compelling writing and the strong characters. The network has yet to make an announcement on its fate, but there seems to be no reason why The Last Kingdom, an intriguing and skillfully crafted television show with great ratings and favorable critical reviews would not be picked up for another series.

Latest news

Updated December 16, 2015: A renewal of the fast-paced and breathtaking historical drama The Last Kingdom was announced on December 11, 2015 by Bernard Cornwell, the author of the book series from which the TV series has spawned. This decision comes as no surprise, as both reviews and viewership ratings have been excellent from the series debut and throughout the season. More of Uhred`s exciting adventures are still to come, meanwhile, subscribe to our notifications and receive an automatic e-mail with the second season premiere date when it is released by the network.

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