BBC Two is yet to renew London Spy for series 2

The release date for London Spy series 2 — Pending

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Basic info and storyline

London Spy is a new British drama television series broadcast on BBC Two. The five-part mini-series was created and written by Tom Rob Smith and produced by Working Title Television. It premiered on November 9, 2015.

With a tender love story at its roots, London Spy does turn into a thriller/spy drama very quickly when one of the gay lovers, introverted, asocial and secretive investment banker Alex (Edward Holcroft) is found dead in his apartment by the other one, Danny (Ben Whishaw), a gregarious party lover. Danny sets out to uncover the story behind Alex`s mysterious death and finds himself in the middle of a murky situation, with more and more information building up and fogging the picture instead of clarifying it. The deceased investment banker was most probably a spy, and some omnipresent and omnipotent organization is now interfering with Danny`s investigation as the very ground starts crumbling under his feet.

Reviews and renewal possibilities

London Spy has premiered with about 2.5 million viewers, and bowed out with a 1.56 million. The series finale drew slightly more viewers than the next-to-last episode the week before (1.3 million) The critics` voices are split on the subject of the series, but almost all agree on one thing – the fact that it`s very uneven in quality. Sometimes it got so overly serious that it just can`t be taken seriously by the viewers. Sometimes the fabric of London Spy was so refined and beautiful that it took the viewers` breath away. An important part of the series` success is attributed to Ben Whishaw`s performance, which was universally praised by the critics. The final episode of the series is open-ended, and there`s a good chance that we will see a continuation of this unusual and exquisite show in the future.

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