Discovery Channel has officially renewed Street Outlaws for season 8

The release date for Street Outlaws season 8 — Pending

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of Street Outlaws season 8 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. Discovery Channel has officially renewed the series for another season. To get notified of the premiere date – subscribe for updates below.

About the show

Street Outlaws is an extremely popular American reality television series that gives the audience insight into the exciting world of street racing. The show originally premiered on June 10, 2013, and has been broadcast on a two-cycles-per-year basis on the great popularity momentum it`s gained immediately after the debut. It is set in Oklahoma City and is produced by Pilgrim Studios. The current seventh season has debuted on Discovery on April 25, 2016.

The adrenaline-driven racers from diverse backgrounds battle to be rated in a certain “top 10” list of drivers and are ready for anything to stay on that list. The pre-race preparation takes up quite a bit of screen time. The extent to which the series is contrived seems ambiguous, but in any case it`s been accused of publicly promoting and thus glamorizing an illegal and dangerous activity, even if it actually takes place in a controlled environment. The controversy around the show`s been quite heated, as the National Hot Rod Association threatened to revoke its licenses from the racers who appear on Street Outlaws. But either everything seems realistic enough to the audience, or it simply doesn`t matter to anyone whether the show is 100% real. There is another important premise in the Street Outlaws – it shows that it is possible for someone with a knack for the technicalities of the pre-race tuning and some perseverance to build a race-worthy car on a budget. The preparations are also a fascinating part of the series for many viewers.

Popularity, current season and renewal

The seventh season opened to an audience of over 2 million viewers, and a great 0.8 ratingAnd if the start of the exciting new seventh season is not enough good news for you, we have also learned that Discovery Channel has already renewed the hit reality series for another season even before the current is aired. In fact, production of the eighth installment of the show has already started. Sign up for our updates and we will drop you an automated notification of Street Outlaws season 8 release date as soon as it becomes available.

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