Channel 4 is yet to renew Hunted for Series 3

The release date for Hunted Series 3 — Pending

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Basic info and cast

Hunted is a new British reality action and adventure television series that follows a team of real-life fugitives and the expert detectives who try to pursue them. If there is one camera for every 11 people in Britain, is it actually possible to vanish? Executive produced by Tim Whitwell and Matt Bennett, the series debuted on Channel 4 on September 10, 2015, and the second chapter debuted on September 22, 2016.

Hunted dramatically explores the scale of Britain’s surveillance. The series goes deep inside the world of surveillance to expose how human behavior is monitored by hidden systems, in a society where going off the grid is nearly an impossible task. A cast of 14 ordinary Brits literally disappear as fugitives, both from the physical and virtual world. All have agreed to disconnect completely from their everyday life, which means no phones, internet, cash cards, and no contact with family and friends. Working alone or in pairs, they must try to evade being captured by a team of expert “hunters” for 28 days. Hunted features Brett Lovegrove, a poised and analytical investigator in charge of the task force, and Peter Bleksley, an experienced undercover investigator. From their command and control center crammed with cutting edge technology and gadgets, Lovegrave and Bleksley have provided the most promising intel to their teams of hunters.

Current season and renewal potential

The second series of Hunted returned with more of highly skilled investigators pursuing the “fugitives”, ordinary people trying to avoid being caught on camera. The six-part series have been described as an intriguing combination of the Bourne movies with a bit of Blair Witch mixed in. The second series features an additional intriguing twist – a prize of £100 000 awarded to those who manage to get away from the CCTV`s omniscient eye for 28 days straight.

The second series is comprised of six one-hour episodes, and once again features ordinary people attempting to evade capture by professional investigators on their tail for 28 days. It premiered to 2.2 million viewers, and proceeded to draw over 2 million viewers on the following week. Several international versions have already been adapted from the British format, and are currently airing in Spain and Russia, with Denmark, China and the Netherlands projects currently under development. In view of the acclaim it received for its thoughtful approach to the reality show genre and the excellent ratings we are expecting a third series to be commissioned. Channel 4 has not made any formal announcements regarding a possible renewal of the show, yet it seems very likely.

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