CBC officially renewed The Romeo Section for season 2 to premiere in Fall 2016

The release date for The Romeo Section season 2 — Pending

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of The Romeo Section season 2 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. CBC has officially renewed the series for another season expected to debut in Fall 2016. To get notified of the exact premiere date – subscribe for updates below.

About the show

The new Canadian sexy spy thriller series The Romeo Section premiered on CBC Television on October 14, 2015. The first season was created and written by Chris Haddock, a highly acclaimed author of intelligence drama series, co-authored by Jesse McKeown and consists of 10 episodes.

Seduction is the key to the activities of the Canadian Intelligence Community`s Romeo Section, inexistent for all official purposes. The so-called Romeo and Juliet assets are informants who are involved in intimate relationships of various duration with the targets of interest to the intelligence service. Wolfgang McGee (Andrew Airlie), a professor, an almost-retired Romeo asset and the head of the Romeo Section pulls the strings as he manages the work of his staff. Their work is the mundane spy stuff – murder, drug lords, corruption, lies. The show is more of a psychological thriller than an action-packed one, an intricate mystery for a thoughtful viewer, but never dull or lacking in action where it`s needed. Reviewers seem to agree that the all-pervading sense of danger is formidably portrayed and gripping.

The series` creators consider it cutting-edge television, especially for Canada, in terms of the subject matter and the level of explicitness involved. The Romeo Section received very positive reviews from the critics early in the season, and the audience has been enthusiastic about the show as well. If this tendency continues throughout the season, we might very well expect to see a renewal of the series announced in the near future.

Latesst news

UPDATED April 2, 2016: The Romeo Section will continue its covert operations – the program has been renewed for a second season as a part of a massive bulk renewal announced by CBC. The new installment, which is set to contain 10 one-hour installments, will feature an investigation in the wake of a terrorist attack. The new series will be tentatively released in the fall of 2016. As the premiere date is still to be set, please sign up for our automatic updates and be notified of relevant information via e-mail.

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