TNT is yet to renew The Librarians for season 4

The release date for The Librarians season 4 — Pending

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of The Librarians season 4 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. TNT is yet to make a decision on its future. Subscribe to our automatic updates below.

Basic info and storyline

The Librarians is a popular American mystical adventure television series that was launched on TNT on December 7, 2014. The show is based on The Librarian film series by David Titcher, developed by John Rogers and co-produced by Kung Fu Monkey Productions and Electric Entertainment. The current third season, comprising 10 episodes, premiered on November 20, 2016.

The four people whose lives are at the heart of the plot are: Eve Baird (Rebeca Romijn), an ex-NATO agent whose task is to protect the new Librarians, and the three new Librarians who form a team along with their newly found guardian - Jacob Stone (Christian Kane), a laborer and genius from Oklahoma, Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), a hallucinating mathematician, and Ezekiel Jones (John Kim), a technically adept thief who thinks of himself as the next James Bond. With the mysterious Library lost somewhere in the space-time continuum in the background, the viewer`s attention is concentrated on the four novice Librarians. The quartet solves various mysteries, searches for artifacts of power, fights evil supernatural forces, their chief enemy being the Serpent Brotherhood, and has a great time doing it, with a dash of humor on top. The Librarians never gets too gloomy or terrifying, is mostly cheerful and can be fun for the whole family.

Current season and renewal prospects

The first season nemesis was the Serpent Brotherhood, two new villains – Prospero and Moriarty – were introduced in the sophomore installment, and Egyptian god of Chaos, Apep, replaced the evildoers in season three. Following the top-notch original series premiere viewership of 5.3 million, the ratings have declined to an average of 2 million viewers in the sophomore installment. Season three opened to 1.89 million viewers, and edged down a bit after the premiere, but the subsequent episodes are still delivering solid numbers. The Librarians also enjoys popularity across various other media platforms. Will TNT make a decision to continue chronicling the adventures of the Librarians` foursome? We think that it`s very likely, so please stay tuned and don`t miss the further info on the future of the series.

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