Animal Planet is yet to renew Monsters Inside Me for season 8

The release date for Monsters Inside Me season 8 — Pending

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of Monsters Inside Me season 8 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. Animal Planet is yet to make a decision on its future. Subscribe to our automatic updates below.

About the show

Monsters Inside Me is an American medical documentary television series that`s been broadcast on the Animal Planet channel since July 1, 2009. It`s produced by Optomen Productions, narrated by Justin Peed and presented by biologist Dan Riskin. The current season premiered on October 6, 2016.

While the show`s genre is defined as medicine/documentary, it`s been said that its presentation style can easily compete with a horror film. Each episode contains a reenactment of three different medical case studies – each worthy of a House M.D. investigation – only here there`s no way to comfort yourself by saying that it`s all fake. Everything is real, perhaps somewhat overdramatically delivered, and downright horrifying most of the time. There are infectious agents, parasites, diseases, traumas – all life-threatening and spooky, some simply gross to many viewers. The scientific explanations behind each case are thorough and curious.

Viewership and renewal potential

In any case, there`s a strange magnetism in the graphic depictions of what can potentially happen inside anyone`s body. There`s certainly a reason for Monsters Inside Me being successful enough to be picked up for seven seasons – it`s the fascination, the wonder of the human body that never fails to amaze, if you keep yourself together through the particularly realistic scenes of parasites eating through a body. As usual, the premiere episode of the current season looked back at three of the most shocking segments from previous episodes, and the next five all-new episodes present fifteen new cases that can’t possibly leave you unfazed. Season 7 premiered to 0.47 million viewers and a 0.16 rating. There is a very good chance that the audience will see more of the series in the future, since the diversity of life on this planet – including the insides of our bodies is practically inexhaustible, just as the people`s taste for the bizarre. Stay tuned for relevant announcements.

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