National Geographic is yet to renew Life Below Zero for season 9

The release date for Life Below Zero season 9 — Pending

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Series information and concept

Life Below Zero is a US documentary television series. It`s produced by Adjacent Productions and filmed in Alaska, as it follows the lives of six people living under the most extreme conditions imaginable above the Arctic Circle. The series was originally released on April 14, 2013, with the current eighth season premiering on October 18, 2016 on National Geographic Channel. The show is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions and executive produced by Lauren Dascher, Debby Reid, Jane Tranter, Joseph Litzinger and Kevin Tao Mohs.

Life in Alaska is a popular subject on television, and understandably so, as it the most spectacular scenery as a backdrop for basically any type of action. Austere Alaskan climate also adds a dramatic element to the everyday life. The characters of Life Below Zero chose the harshest of the harsh conditions – they live in the most remote northern areas of Alaska above the Arctic Circle and for the most part rely on themselves, and in some cases, their family members, to sustain themselves and, ultimately, to survive. From repairing a boat and obtaining running water to skinning fish and hunting, the trying life in six Alaskan homesteads is presented to the viewers. The current season is titled The Thaw and is concentrating on the spring breakup and the troubles and opportunities that it brings after a tough winter.

Ratings and renewal possibilities

The Emmy Award-winning show Life Below Zero has been extremely popular with the viewers throughout its run, which is not surprising in the United States, a country with a natural soft spot for pioneer spirit. There hasn`t been any doubt as to the reality of the series, it`s a very straightforward take on real life. In 2014 it was National Geographic`s second highest-rated series, and since then it hasn`t stopped fascinating the audience with its gritty down-to-earth stories of self-sufficiency that most of us can only dream of. The current season premiered to 0.96 million viewers and continues to average about one million viewers per episode. There hasn`t been an official statement on the series` renewal, but it seems that it`s only a matter of time.

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