Esquire Network has officially renewed Spotless for season 2

The release date for Spotless season 2 — Pending

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of Spotless season 2 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. Esquire Network has officially renewed the series for another season. To get notified of the premiere date – subscribe for updates below.

Storyline and cast

A co-production by the French and the British and set in London, Spotless premiered on the Esquire Network in the US on November 14, 2015. It originally aired on Canal+ on March 16, 2015. It is a first scripted series for the US network. The 10-part dramatic thriller / black comedy series is created by Crime Scene Investigation veteran Corinne Marrinan and Shameless author Ed McCardie.

The engaging series revolves around the life of Jean Bastière (Marc-André Grondin), a crime scene cleanup police contractor in London who one day loses his contract. He then gets pulled into the same business, but, unexpectedly, on the other side of the law, when Martin (Denis Ménochet), Jean`s long-lost brother, reappears in his life dragging back dark secrets from his past. The skeletons from the closet aren`t the only factor of distress, there`s also the imminent dangers of the present – drugs, crime, corruption. Nelson Clay (Brendan Coyle, Downton Abbey`s Mr. Bates) is Jean`s new patron, and the crime scenes are as nasty as they were before.

Current season and prospects of renewal

The series has been acclaimed by the critics right from the start. Complex characters, noir quality, dark humor, compelling acting are all praised. Even the conventional filming and familiar tension points don`t seem tedious, as there are enough interesting twists and refreshing surprises. The international effort seems to have done Spotless a lot of good, but the ratings have been less than impressive -123 000 viewers for the debut episode which dropped to 77 000 for the second episode. While it would seemed to be a sure candidate for renewal quality-wise, the numbers speak for themselves, and the first season might become the last for this stylish series.

Latest news

UPDATED April 7, 2016: Esquire`s genre-bending drama/criminal/satire series Spotless has just been renewed for a second season. The Esquire network has had an excellent first quarter in early 2016, and the renewal decision comes as a result of the series` great ratings performance as well as the network`s general upwards trend. Spotless was the first original scripted series for the network, and the experiment has worked out perfectly well. Sign up for our automatic notifications and receive the announcement regarding Spotless` second season premiere date via e-mail.

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