Destination America officially renewed Ghost Brothers for season 2 to premiere in Early 2017

The release date for Ghost Brothers season 2 — Pending

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of Ghost Brothers season 2 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. Destination America has officially renewed the series for another season expected to debut in Early 2017. To get notified of the exact premiere date – subscribe for updates below.

Production info and cast

Ghost Brothers is a comedy ghost hunting series that premiered on Destination America on April 15, 2016. The unscripted program contains six episodes and hails from Pilgrim Studios (Ghost Hunters). Craig Piligian, Mike Nichols, Danny Passman and Fay Yu serve as executive producers.

The program features three best friends – Juwan Mass, Dalen Spratt and Marcus Harvey – in search of the ultimate truth behind the legendary “haunted” houses across the United States. Their exploration of the supernatural stems from their own experiences that can not be explained away by the mundane scientific reasoning or by their traditional religious beliefs. Even though all three come from religious households, their ongoing interest for the paranormal drives them beyond the religious tradition into the realm of the unexplained.

Ratings and renewal potential

The show offers a refreshing twist on paranormal programming, which is usually done with such a dead-pan face that it really does get tiring on one side, and a bit ridiculous on the other. Here the comedic twist is definitely the long-needed life-saver. The series` audience is steady at around 450,000 viewers and a 0.1 demographic rating, barely losing any viewers since the premiere. This is a good indicator of the series` renewal potential, and we`ll be sure to keep you informed of the Ghost Brothers` fate.

Latest news

UPDATED October 12, 2016: Great day for the fans of Destination America’s new series Ghost Brothers – the ghost hunting comedy program has been commissioned for a second season, which will be broadcast in early 2017. The comedic twist on the usually very serious paranormal business has been warmly welcomed by the audience, attracting a steady audience of just under 0.5 million viewers. If the wait seems too long for you, tune in any day in October for a frightful marathon of extended season 1 episodes, extra info from social media, new footage, and much more. Enjoy the Ghostober celebration and stay tuned for more information on the upcoming season.

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