ITV is yet to renew Cash Trapped for series 2

The release date for Cash Trapped series 2 — Pending

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Series format and information

Cash Trapped is a new British game show launched by ITV on August 1, 2016. It is created and hosted by Bradley Walsh (The Chase) and produced by Possessed. The first series contains ten one-hour episodes.

Six contestants undertake the intricately structured quiz game in four rounds, each round with its own rules. Of course, the objective is not very original, and it doesn`t need to be – to knock out your opponents and take home the cash prize. The unusual twist is that none of the contestants are eliminated until the game is over.

Viewership, reception and potential renewal

The series premiere on August 1, 2016 has garnered 2.29 million viewers, with viewership declining to 1.63 million for the following episode, and going even lower as the show progressed further in the series. Cash Trapped has immediately come under fire from critics and viewers for being overly complicated to the point where people who have watched several episodes still could not figure out the rules. It is refreshingly innovative in a way, but it is difficult to imagine it becoming as popular as Walsh`s other quiz show, The Chase, which has become a classic. The curious part of the program is the relationships between the contestants that may (or may not) build up when some of them return to the set for as long as weeks on end. There is practically no limit on the prize amount, so the tension builds up quickly and remains high throughout the run. The ratings dynamics will determine the future of the show, so please stay tuned, and we will let you know when ITV announces its decision on whether to renew Cash Trapped for another series.

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