ITV officially canceled Jericho series 2

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of Jericho Series 2 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. Unfortunately, ITV has officially canceled the series. There will be no Series 2.

Series information and plot

Jericho is a period drama television series that premiered on ITV on January 7, 2016. It is created and written by Steve Thompson (Sherlock and Doctor Who), based on an idea by Dave Rampage, executive produced by Kate Bartlett and produced by ITV Studios.

The eight-episode series portrays the life in 1870`s Jericho, a fictional shanty town that came into existence, survived and died while the Culverdale Viaduct was built as part of massive railway construction taking place at the time. The historical basis for the plot is loosely provided by the construction of Ribblehead Viaduct in North Yorkshire, England and the temporary settlements around it. Among the series` leads are Jessica Raine, Hans Matheson and Clarke Peters.

Criticism and chances of renewal

The series is criticized for its overly slow pace, lack of the grit and violence that was a trademark of the Railway era, and a general lack of visual credibility. However, apparently there are enough good points in Jericho, otherwise it would not have pulled in about 3.3 million viewers (15.5%) for the premiere episode, and 3 million (13.7) for the second one. There are the credible, likable characters, smart directing, a solid script and beautiful sights. Unfortunately, it airs opposite Death in Paradise, a hit no-pressure exotic-island detective story, which snatches away at least some of its viewers, since there`s neither enough grit for the grit-lovers, nor is it relaxing enough of a sight to compete with a bit of sun that shines through the screen in Death in Paradise.

Latest news

UPDATED April 12, 2016: Jericho, the period Western drama series that seemed to have had reasonable potential did not manage to withstand its ratings battle with Death in Paradise. The series did not manage to have a strong enough impact and did not deliver the ratings that were expected in order to be renewed. In short, Jericho has been canceled and will not be returning to ITV. The amount of investments needed to make another series is not worth it due to the low ratings.

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