BBC Three officially canceled Thirteen series 2

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of Thirteen Series 2 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. Unfortunately, BBC Three has officially canceled the series. There will be no Series 2.

Series` storyline and information

Thirteen is a British thriller drama TV series that premiered on the now web-only BBC Three network on February 28, 2016. The series is created by Marnie Dickens and executive produced by Elizabeth Kilgarriff. The first series contains five episodes.

The series depicts the return of Ivy Moxam (Jodie Corner) to regular life after she was abducted at the age of thirteen, kept in a cellar for thirteen years and finally freed from her captor`s house at the age of 26. Ivy has to start her life anew, with her parents separated, her sister engaged to be married, and her teen love Tim (Aneurin Barnard) is married. Obviously, Ivy is having the most difficult time of all, but everyone involved is scrambling for resources as a lot of collateral damage has been inflicted by her abduction.

Reviews and chances of renewal

Thirteen holds an 8/10 score on IMDb and has had mostly positive reviews so far. The series is called compelling and understated, with a very realistic sense of tension. There were, in fact, a police advisor and a psychology expert involved with the script for consulting purposes, to add credibility to the situations. There seems to be great potential in the tightly written and twisted storyline. The authentic performance by the lead heroine is particularly commended, and every episode of the chilling story has had a shocking ending so far. With this much suspense packed into just a few episodes, the second series might grow into something even more exciting. Stay tuned for the network`s decision on the fate of the series.

Latest news

UPDATED June 2, 2016: While no announcements have been made yet by the BBC Three network regarding the future of the British thriller series Thirteen, the creator of the series, Marnie Dickens has revealed in an interview to Radio Times that she does not see the show going further. The story arc is completed by the end of the fifth episode in the first series with no potential development inherent in the plot, so a cancelation seems to be imminent. Even thought the series had a successful first run, it is likely to be its last.

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