IFC officially canceled Maron season 5

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of Maron season 5 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know. Unfortunately, IFC has officially canceled the series. There will be no season 5.

Production info and storyline

Maron is an American dramedy TV series that is created, executive produced and stars Marc Maron. The show is produced by Boomer Lives! Productions and Fox 21 Television Studios, with Michael Jamin, Sivert Glarum, Denis Leary, Jim Serpico, Olivia Wingate and Duncan Birmingham also serving as executive producers. Maron has originally premiered on IFC in 2013, and the fourth season, set to contain 13 episodes, has premiered on May 4, 2016.

The show features a fictionalized version of comedian Marc Maron, his life, family and friends. Marc Maron and his midlife crisis are in the spotlight. His 25 years of experience in stand-up comedy provide the basis for the script that explores midlife crisis in an original, sardonic and hilarious way. The struggling comic is in his late 40s, still attempting to achieve fame and is constantly in an ongoing crisis that concerns all aspects of his life. The cast includes Josh Brener, Dave Anthony, Andy Kindler, Lucy Davis, Nora Zehetner, and others.

Viewership, critical reception and renewal

Many critics compare Maron to Louie C.K.. a show that preceded it and is somewhat similar in format, only to find Maron somewhat less grating, and just as satisfying as the latter. Marc Maron is praised for his brilliant writing, a sharp sense of comedic timing and compelling acting. IMDb grants the series a score of 7.7/10. Maron`s current season averages approximately 100,000 viewers per episode, which is slightly lower than the previous third season. There have been no announcements regarding the series` future, but it seems to have a stable, if not enormous, fan base, and might very well see another season.

Season 4 recap

The 13-episode fourth season of Maron has concluded on July 13, 2016. Even though the show`s ratings have been mostly even, with no losses compared to the previous installments, Maron has already been canceled, most likely due to the comedian`s desire to wrap up the show`s run. The series finale drew an audience of 0.102 million viewers, and could apparently keep going for a while, if it were solely a matter of ratings. However, since the series portrayed a semi-fictionalized version of comedian Marc Maron, the fans will have to the real-life version and follow his creative endeavors elsewhere. It is certainly great to be able to end a project when the time is right, and not to have to squeeze the very last drops of life out of it before it drops dead. Farewell, Maron the series, and we`ll keep following Maron the man.

Latest news

UPDATED July 13, 2016: The fourth season of IFC`s comedy series Maron, which is about to wrap up in mid-July, will be the last installment. Marc Maron himself is believed to be the one who initiated the discontinuation of the series. IFC`s dedication to comedy remains stron,g with two new series debuting in the next 12 months – Stan Against Evil and Brockmire, as well returning Documentary Now! (scheduled for release later on in 2016) and Portlandia (first half of 2017). Stay tuned and we will inform you of the most recent developments.

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